Library of Agriculture

Coronavirus emergency: user advice

Partial Library reopening

In accordance with the introduction in our University of the Extraordinary Plan "scenario type 4" (see DG/2020/856 of 16/11/2020), the Agriculture Area Library is adopting for the whole period in which the Campania Region will remain located in a "type 4 scenario" (ie "red zone") the following calendar for the days in which the loan/return services, provision of DD documents are provided:

  • Monday          9.00-14.00
  • Wednesday     9.00-14.00
  • Friday             9.00-14.00

Access to services is by appointment only.

To request an appointment for the loan/return/ consultation service, please read carefully the information given on the page Services during the Coronavirus emergency

For info and support, please write to bib.agraria(at)