Bibliographic heritage

The Bibliographic heritage of the Library of Agriculture Area amounts to about 33.365 monographs and over 50.000 Periodicals year's issues, of which 90 are still active. The oldest Periodicals date back to the end of the 18th century (last data collection: Simonlib monitoring 2019).

There is a huge amount of reference books such as general and thematic encyclopedias, dictionaries and highly specialistic agriculture publications.
The Library owns an important collection of 624 ancient books, among them there some rare and fine books published in the 16th century.

The library offers to all the University the access to the following data banks Agricola, Food Science Source, FSTA (Food Science & Technology Abstracts), BDO Informatore Agrario, Biological & Agricultural Index Plus.

Furthermore, through the University Digital Library, the Library of Agriculture Area offers free access to several data bases and e-journals related to agriculture subjects, such as CAB Abstracts, CAB eBooks, Agricultural Science Collection, Nature, Science, SciFinder, Zoological records and more

Ancient Books

Among the ancient books the floowing are to be mentionedy:

  • 47 books of the XVI century
  • 37 books of the XVII century
  • 261 books of the XVIII century
  • 3 manuscripts

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A project of digitalisation of our ancient books and of the most important periodicals began in 2019