MLOL+ ebook on loan for Federico II students

20th February 2019 - Università di Napoli Federico II

University “Federico II” is the first Italian Atheneum providing its students with an innovative service to encourage reading: MLOL Plus. Students can borrow, read and possibly purchase narrative and essay e-books by the main Italian publishers and publishing companies.
To access the service, please log in to , using the username  and the password of your college email address. You’ll be given 225 free credits, that enable you to borrow the ebooks.  Each borrowing costs from 50 to 150 credits, according to the price of the ebook you choose.
The total credit enable each student to to borrow from 1 to 4 ebooks.
Ebooks can be read on computers, smartphones, tablets and compatible e-readers.
If you use a computer, you’ll need to install Adobe Digital Editions, if you use tablets and iOs or Android smarthphones, you’ll need the specific reading applications.
For any inquiry or further information, please contact Dr Paola De Nunzio paola.denunzio(at) – tel.: 0812533966, at the College Library Center