Renewals and new acquisitions of the Agricultural Library

19th april 2019 - Università di Napoli Federico II

The Library of Area Agraria took out the following year 2019 databases and on line reviews subscriptions:

  1. Online Database (BDO) of Edizioni L’Informatore Agrario srl (NEW)
  2. Database AGRICOLA on OVID platform (renewal)
  3. Database FSTA (renewal)
  4. Database Food science source (renewal)
  5. American Journal of enology (NEW)


  1. The BANCA DATI ON-LINE (BDO) of Edizioni L’Informatore Agrario collects the reviews L’INFORMATORE AGRARIO, VITA IN CAMPAGNA e MAD - Macchine Agricole Domani, from 1997 up to now, and amounts over 108.000 contents, catalogued and up to date.

Within a calendar year the following contents can be accessed:

-        400 articles published in L’INFORMATORE AGRARIO

-        80 articles published in VITA IN CAMPAGNA (WITH ADDENDA)

-        20 articles published in MAD - Macchine Agricole Domani

The online database (BDO)

can be searched in four different ways:

  • Simple search (by keyword)
  • Advanced search (by author, title, subject, issue number, periodical publication frequency)
  • Browse (search) reviews
  • Browse (search) subject

When the wanted PDF document is found, it can be requested sending an email to bib.agraria(at) filling in the subject line with “BDO – PDF request".

2. Agricola is a database made by the American Agricultural Library, it collects the citations of contents from the Catalogue and the Citation Database of the NAL, and it offers bibliographic reference about books, audiovisual materials, periodicals, articles from reviews, book chapters, reports and reprints. Up to 9 users can search it at the same time.

3. FSTA is a bibliographic database made by the Food Information Service – IFIS and is about the innovations and developments in the fields of food science and technology and human nutrition, including science of food, and food biotechnology, toxicology and engineering.

It contains over 600.00 bibliographic records and abstract connected to about 1.800 international science periodicals in over 40 languages, standards, regulations, patents, monographies, dissertations and conference proceedings, with an yearly increase of 20.000 new bibliographic records. The abstracts come with a bibliography and a monthly update.

Up to 4 users can search ita t the same time on an EBSCOHost platform.

4. Food science source is a full text database of food industry. An unlimited number of users can search it at the same time.

5. The America Journal of Enology is a peer-reviewed quarterly science periodical founded in 1950 by the American Society for Enology and Viticulture (ASEV). According to the Journal Citation Reports, this review’s  impact factor is 2017 out of 1.765. Starting this year, it will be available in the library as a paper document and accessible online from the Atheneum’s IP addresses as well.


All these resources can be searched only from the Atheneum’s IP addresses, or via a server proxy off campus (for info for access off campus please check here)


For any further info, please contact the Library of Area Agraria.