Cooperation agreement CAB - MUSA

On 6th March 2017, MUSA (Museums of Agricultural Sciences) and CAB (University Libraries Centre "Roberto Pettorino") made an important Agreement whose aim is the cooperation between MUSA and the Library of Agriculture Area in order to protect and enhance the enormous librarian, archival and museum heritage of their respective collections.

Find the text of the agreement ratified with Protocol n. 2017/0032472 of 05/04/2017  here (download pdf, 1,4 Mb)

They agreed to cooperate regarding catalogation, inventory digitalisation and uploading to the web on institutional websites the librarian, archival and museum items that belong to their respective collections.
In order to do so, the Library of Agriculture agreed to share their planetary scanner, to be operated by Musa staff as well.

Fine and rare book collections, from both the Library of Agriculture Area and MUSA's heritage, historical herbarium from the Museum of botany Orazio Comes, iconographic plates from The Museum Comes and the Museum Silvestri would be digitalised.

In order to protect the site and to get a better use of the halls, an eventual cooperation of MUSA in monitoring the reading room was considered, along with an administrative support to the Libray.

This agreement's duration is six years, a five years extension is possible, unless one of the two parties refuses to renew  it sending a written communication to the other signers, with a six month notice.