Services during the Coronavirus emergency

On this page, we will indicate and, if necessary, promptly update the methods of delivery of the services of the Agricultural Area Library during Phase two of the Coronavirus emergency.

1. Loan and return (reactivation from 18th of May)

The loan service is available from Monday 18th of May.

Who can access the service : all users belonging to our University (teachers, researchers, scholarship holders, PhD students, students, technical-administrative staff).

When: from 13th of July the service is provided every day from 9.00 to 14.00.

How to apply for the loan (any request that does not comply with the indications will not be taken into consideration):

1. Find the book (or books, but at most there may be two) of your interest in the University Catalog SHARE Federico II. Verify that it is"Available in the Agricultural Area" and that it is a "loanable copy".

2. Contact the library only in one of the two ways indicated in the box on the right..

In both cases you must clearly indicate::
- your general information (surname, name, serial number, telephone number) and membership in our University;;
- the essential bibliographic information of the desired documents taken from the Catalog: Title, Author, Edition number (or year) and Location of the book (or two books).

3. Once the necessary checks have been carried out, we will send a reply email with which we will authorize the user to the service, setting the date and time for delivery of the requested volumes. The email will further explain in detail all the behaviors to be followed for managing the service in complete safety.

No more than two documentscan be borrowed at a time.

The loan term is 15 days.

How to contact us during this closing period

For any request for information and support you are invited to contact us as a priority using Microsoft Teams (from Monday to Friday, from 9.30 to 13.30):

1) Go to the page:
2) Use the link to connect to the Office 365 portal
3) Authenticate yourself with your unina email credential
4) Click on the Teams icon
5) Connect to Ask the Agricultural Area Library (click on "Join the TEAM”)

Microsoft Teams can also be used regularly from mobile devices

Alternatively, you can write to the library email address using your institutional email

All documents that normally fall into the category of "reference books" are excluded from the external loan: encyclopedias, dictionaries, glossaries, periodicals, frequently consulted books, reports, deteriorated books and documents that will be deemed appropriate to be excluded. However, given the emergency situation, we will evaluate from time to time the possibility of admitting to the loan also documents normally limited to internal consultation only.

Other useful information for managing the service in complete safety.

The library will organize a calendar with different times for users who will have to access the Palace to borrow and / or return books in order to avoid any type of crowding or queue: each user will have to access the structure only within the hourly window that will be communicated to him..

The response email from the library must be presented at the entrance of the building for checking and will be valid as a pass.

Anyone who accesses the Department and then the Library has the obligation to

  • be equipped with a mask;
  • show the printout of the email with which the appointment for the on-site library service has been set;
  • undergo any temperature control (in the case of temperatures above 37.5 °, entry into the building will not be allowed).

Those who have to borrow books must have their own pen to sign the loan form already prepared by the library. For the entire period of the emergency, the library will NOT ask for and will not keep the card.

The major national and international health institutions and the major cultural reference institutions for archives and libraries have developed Guidelines or Recommendations (see box opposite) for the safety of users, staff, spaces and materials. According to these indications, all materials returned by users must observe a quarantine period. The Agricultural Area Library follows the instructions of the Security Division of our University and will put each book returned in a 4-day quarantine. The book will only become available for loan once its quarantine is over.

The library will not be able to verify at the time of return if the user has made serious tampering with the book received on loan; therefore, only at the end of the quarantine, we will check the status of the return and we will be able to issue any penalties.


The same rules as above apply. If you have to return the loaned volumes, you will be contacted to agree, where possible, the date and time of return.

List of some Guidelines - Recommendations
for the reopening of museums, libraries and archives and the safety of users-visitors, staff, spaces and materials

2.Document Delivery (reactivation from 18th of May)

If you need an article in a periodical (or a book chapter) not owned by our library, you can ask for the Document delivery service.

For the methods of request and for the withdrawal on site, the above applies for the loan.

You can locate the magazines (and their vintages) owned by our Library at this address.

The document delivery service is reserved for users belonging to the Department of Agriculture.

3. Consultation on site (not allowed)

Consultation on site is not allowed.

4. Reading in place (not activated)

Access to the Reading Room is not allowed for personal study reasons.

5. ILL - Interlibrary loan (not activated)

The interlibrary loan is suspended.

6 Reference and other remote services

The services provided remotely remain active. If you are a user belonging to the Department of Agriculture of the University of Napoli Federico II, you can contact the library staff (see box above How to contact us in this closing period) to help you in your research or even if you have difficulty accessing electronic resources. payment (see Subscriptions activated by our University).